Don’t Settle For Less Than You Deserve

An insurance policy is an insurance company’s promise to you. We will make sure they keep that promise. Whether you have been a victim of a fire, tornado or hailstorm, we will help you understand your rights and recover everything you are owed under your policy.

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Common Types of Insurance Dispute Cases

Car Accident Damage

Whether you are making a claim against your own policy or an at-fault driver, we work know how to get you the benefits you deserve.

Property Damage

You depend on your insurance company to restore your property after a natural disaster or catastrophe. We understand insurance policies and make sure the insurance companies pay everything they owe.

Fire Damage

Dealing with fire damage to part of your home or all of it is overwhelming. Our experienced insurance lawyers handle fire damage claims. From assessing losses to negotiating with insurers, we help you rebuild and recover.

Wind Damage

Strong storms and gusty winds can wreak havoc on your property. We handle wind damage claims. We work to get you the compensation needed to fix the aftermath of these natural disasters.

Hail Damage

East Texas hailstorms leave a trail of destruction in their wake, especially when it comes to your car or roof. We have experience in hail damage insurance claims and work hard to make sure you can put your life back in order.

Penalties & Interest

Insurance companies that move slowly or pay claims late often owe penalties, interest and attorney’s fees in addition to the amount of your claim. We fight to get you everything you deserve.