Join Forces to Seek Justice

If you have been wronged by an insurance company or product manufacturer, you may not be alone. In some cases, the court will allow you to bring a suit on behalf of everyone who is in a similar situation. When you speak on behalf of a class of hundreds or even thousands of consumers, big companies listen.

Our firm has been appointed to represent classes of people from all over the country against some of the biggest insurance companies and product manufacturers in the country. Call us to see if your case could be a class action.

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Common Types of Class Action Lawsuits

Insurance Coverage

We have successfully litigated insurance coverage class actions against the country’s biggest insurance companies and recovered millions of dollars for consumers across Texas and the United States.

Consumer Protection

We have been appointed to represent classes of consumers from across the country against leading car manufacturers. Our cases resulted in millions of dollars of benefits to millions of car buyers in the United States.

Contract Cases

If a company breaks its contract with you, it may have broken its promise to hundreds or thousands of others in a similar situation. We know how to get relief for the entire class.